Spatiotemporal Metrics
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Spatio Temporal Metrics 1.0a

NB: This prototype is for demonstration and feedback only. You can use it to obtain valid statistics but data uploaded will not be retained.

Upload GeoJSON files to obtain statistical and other quantitative information about them (KML files can be converted to GeoJSON). This prototype provides the first of the suite’s modules that deals with basic spatial descriptive statistics. The purpose is for testing and to give an idea of the direction we are heading.

To be valid, statistics must be properly understood and interpreted. Please see the Spatiotemporal Metrics guide for a detailed explanation of each result.

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Development Priorities

We plan to add some features to the existing visualisation, such as circles on the map, to visualise the statistic for easier comparison across datasets, but very much would like to hear from user to direct development where it is needed. We welcome all feedback at tlcmap AT – especially if it pertains to use cases.

Based on a survey and feedback from Chief Investigators, the broad types of statistics about spatiotemporal data have been prioritised at below. Some of these areas are very large fields in themselves. We don't expect to complete all of the following, but will work through priorities to achieve as much as we can with limited time and budget. The next release will include some basic, common and useful network analytics, such as clustering and nearest neighbour. These will include use cases demonstrating how and why these can inform humanities research.

  1. Basic Statistics
  2. Network analytics
  3. Convert To Gov Standards
  4. Detailed Statistics
  5. Comparative Statistics
  6. Space-Time Warping
  7. Wayfinding